Selected Grade Real Wood Veneer

Selected Grade Real Wood Veneer


Vertical and horizontal wood grain surfaces merge together exhibiting a sense of hand-crafted detail.  Feature technology channels with removable, flush crafted cover.  The channels are large enough to accommodate standard power modules and all of your wires and cables.  Thick V-Shape Base create more contemporary style.

Model # B-4004A  
8’       96”W x 51”D x 29”H      $1,588
9’       108”W x 53”D x 29”H    $1,788
10’     118”W x 55”D x 29”H    $1,988
12’     144”W x 59”D x 29”H    $2,180

Color Option:

Mahogany Mahogany   Cherry Cherry

Stock in Mid-Cherry